Regular Issues
▶ KPCA Magazine
Those are KPCA Monthly Magazine which has included the world & Korea PCB industry status, the newest PCB technology status, the statistics information and many others.
▶ Korean PCB Industry ▶ KPCA Directory
This is KPCA Yearly Issue.
It provides the Korean PCB Industry Status
and the statistics information.
This is KPCA Yearly Issue.
It provides KPCA's member information
including member's contact address, sales and so on.
Irregular Issues
KPCA Bulletin KPCA special edition(as a newspaper)
KPCA Int'l Symposium The edition including the speaker's lecture of the symposium
AFEC Conference The edition including the speaker's lecture of The AFEC Conference
KPCA HTI The high technology information including Circuit Board,
Materials & Sub-materials, Tools and Equipment
KPCA Technology Roadmap Korean PCB Technology Roadmap in 2005
(Product, Technology Roadmap and so on.)
KPCA Handbook Handbook series including PCB industry wordbook, Build-up, Optical PCB, Embedded PCB, IC-Substrate, FPC: PCB guidebook and PCB quality control
Korean PCB Outsorcing Market Korean Automotive PCB Market Korean LED PCB Market
KPCA Bulletin KPCA Int'l Symposium AFEC Conference
KPCA HTI KPCA Technology Roadmap KPCA Handbook Ⅰ.
- PCB industry wordbook
KPCA Handbook Ⅱ.
- Build-up Technology
Guide KPCA Handbook Ⅲ.
- Optical PCB Technology Guide.
KPCA Handbook Ⅳ.
- Embedded PCB Technology Guide.
KPCA Handbook Ⅴ.
- IC-Substrate Technology Guide.
KPCA Handbook Ⅵ.
- FPC Technology Guide.
KPCA Handbook Ⅶ.
- Material Technology Guide.
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