Domestic electronics industry and the development of members the Association will be working with members to help.

The Korea Printed Circuit Association established in July 2003 has been
in charge of the contribution to KPCA member's benefit as well as the
improvement of the global electronic circuits industry, through the
reinforcement of Korean PCB industry competition and the mutual
cooperation of its membership.

In the 21st century, the global PCB industry is growing rapidly not only
in the Semiconductor Business, up-to-date-technology and new products
but also in economic terms. Moreover, as everbody knows, the importance
of electronics industry is getting bigger.

To cope with the situationm, KPCA constructs the mutual cooperation
of its membership and offers the various information of PCB market and
products. In addition, KPCA manages KPCA-show as a the World Electronic Circuits Concil(WECC) and exerts all possiblel efforts to make the global PCB industry developed, in coopertion with the overseas associations.

We hope this web-site would be a good bridge connecting the global PCB industry to the related industry.
KPCA will continue to develop and improve its services and programs so as to be a ground of the information interchange, accomplishing parts as a member of WECC.

Thank you!

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